About the public beta and release date of New World

  • On the coast of players everywhere, Amazon's new MMORPG New World is finally ready to build a land. They promise to show players a unique open world adventure. In 2016, New World has been around for a long time. Players do not need to wait a long time to explore the dark and twisted hinterland of Aeternum Island.

    A long-awaited project of Amazon Games, the gaming division of the tech giant Amazon, is New World. Players find themselves in a legendary island Aeternum in this massively multiplayer online RPG. This island contains a magical mineral that can give and corrode contact with it.

    The battle leader is a player-run company and 50v50 PVP. New World promises a bustling dynamic world completely controlled by players and their actions. Because local politics and territorial control are not your business, you can play this game like any other open world RPG.

    In 2016, New World was announced for the New World Coins first time. The other two games of the competitive shooting game Crucible and the multiplayer fighting game Breakaway were also released. In 2018, Breakaway was shelved and the focus was shifted to New World and Crucible. In 2020, development will continue. Amazon Games said that New World will miss the May 2020 release window and postpone it to August 2020.

    Crucible was canceled because of the inability to see a sustainable future. Until August 2021, all focus will be on getting New World out of the door. In order to collect feedback from the community, including many of the most popular changes, Amazon Games held a closed beta.

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