Has the best leveling strategy in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

  • On June 1, WoW Burning Crusade Classic will be launched. Players in the game can have the opportunity to explore new areas and upgrade to a new upper limit of level 70.

    Accumulating experience as quickly as possible is what everyone wants to do in the game. Before stepping into the Dark Portal, players also need to prepare a strategy that can make full use of your leveling experience. In addition to upgrading from level 60 to level 70, players also need to earn reputation in various factions. In the final game process of the character, these factions all play a key role.

    Blizzard introduced a new dungeon difficulty called Heroes in TBC. Blizzard provides players with better equipment and important materials and currency than typical dungeons. You need to gain a certain prestige in each faction to get the key to unlock difficulty. This way players can enter the heroic difficulty of the dungeon.

    In the last few levels, you might want to spend some time getting used to a 10-player final game Raid Karazhan. It will take some time to complete the coordination chain. During the TBC Classic Gold leveling process, there is no harm in doing so.

    In the open world during the launch of TBC, the level of the open world in the open world is likely to become difficult for the congestion of players during the launch of World of Warcraft nostalgic server. The fastest way for you to gain the reputation and level 70 you need is through the spam dungeon instance.

    In the beta version of the test game, content creators such as Biosparks and Fakeqt have found a simple upgrade path as fast as possible. In certain factions, you will be able to gain prestige by jumping from dungeon to dungeon. In less than 30 hours of game time, players can reach level 70.

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