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  • One that is on my mind from earlier is that the Menu Entry Swapper feature on third party customers really shouldn't be allowed. It is certainly nice to RuneScape gold have at time, but it's defiantly suspicious and pushes the line about as much as prohibited plugins if you consider players may customize their own stuff and what it does. Anything else which is currently coming to mind at the moment probably wouldn't be unpopular. Like I don't think saying that 2020 was lackluster for content and the rest of the year seems a bit dry for updates is that out there using a statement.

    Places id say MES is so questionable is option on bones. Lively MES were prohibited by them. Its one option and one choice. And shift can be changed. Personally I need them to add this customisation into RuneScape itself, but its a little"janky" to set up and would feel strange officially. They added that was a thing from MES and comparable plugins. Shift dropping, alter empty components, lender X / All choices. All to mitigate the fact that the UI was horribly designed and was worked around using Mousekeys and AHK. I enjoy MES since it removes the requirement to do things nicely. Which should not have been RuneScape was, but its exactly what it got to. Bank options shift falling, MES and several other items have totally removed the requirement to utilize Mousekeys to perform RuneScape at the highest degree.

    Agree, I can not think MES passed the"approved plug evaluation" considering just how much of the edge it is. It is essentially a requirement for chaos altar prayer. I abused the shit out of itself since it's allowed surprised it made the cut of things. I will also throw one out that related: that the Jad plugin was extremely overrated. It did not provide some information that the animation/sound of Jad does let you know to you. Since it makes them way easier to see hell highlight on the healers is a larger advantage over vanilla customer. Without it the method moves back to using Mousekeys to do exactly the same thing with fixed movement on a right click menu. MES is a much better option for everybody (no external mouse motion program required, no surplus wrist movement out of bad UI design etc..)For Old School players the transition is simpler, believe it or not. Those folks get bemused. Had my friend spend 15 minutes clicking and dragging lobsters to bank, getting confused when it was click/drag to drop rather than use an item, not understanding the complexities of the battle system then calling it dull after I allow him leech entirely because of how clueless he is. It really makes you step back for a moment and realize just how much of RuneScape that's second nature to a veteran player is just hard for most people to wrap their minds around.

    Because most of us grew up on RuneScape, we are self-learned and never needed a tutorial. Tutorial Island, I will defend to my death and adore, makes you kill a rat at revo manner but doesn't even mention the activity bar or to rotate abilities. It's no wonder some folks assume maybe sipping a prayer potion and waiting for the enemy to die and clicking is the combat system's complexity. Yeah, the tutorials of Jagex are cluttered. The HUD is a clusterfuck that is not possible to navigate, made worse by buy OSRS gold icons on vs desktop so anyone who learned RuneScape through mobile will probably be confused af.
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Its one option and one choice

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