The body positivity people are unable to come to terms with the

  • One of my Animal Crossing Items least favourite fucking things is that body positivity has been appropriated by fat people who don't want to confront the truth and lose the weight, instead of being used to help people with missing limbs, surgical scars, and skin conditions.Or even: be optimistic about your fat body. I really don't fucking care. It's probably a more pleasurable way to survive than being fat and negative about it and equally not doing anything about it (ie. What I am doing).

    Just stop acting like it invalidates the overwhelming scientific consensus on the correlation between obesity and numerous health issues. Makes you seem as bad as climate change deniers and flat earthers.My favorite part is when they bully individuals which have the audacity to talk about their health, or any sort of exercise. Apparently it's fatphobic to post about running when fat men and women exist...

    You aren't even safe if you are"one of these" lmao. Like what, it's illegal to catch people who are outside of this loop?

    As a dude who has fought obesity my entire life, it is not quite as easy as visiting the gym and/or eating fewer calories. There is generally some kind of eating disorder inherent it a lot of individuals dismiss as"an unhealthy relationship with food."

    The body positivity people are unable to come to terms with the fact that their activities are harmful to them. They want to be seen as fine just the way that they are, like an alcoholic who does not realize how bad its gotten and blames everyone around them for the difficulties their kitchen items new horizons addiction creates.