How Prayerwind Started

  • Dear Prayerwind Community-Family:

    Over four years ago, God gave me a vision while in prayer.  I was focused on asking God to give me the right business to create until my vision was captured by the most beautiful clouds and blue skies. As I praised God for such beauty, I saw what appeared to be, ‘one rain drop’ falling from the sky. As it got closer to me, it fell at a faster rate, until it hit me on the forehead. The moment it did, I heard God's voice: He said, "Build a social engine like facebook, but call it ‘Prayerwind. As members begin to sign up and pray for one another's request, I will blow a strong wind around the earth and answer their prayers”.

    Although I organized prayerwind and had it running over four years ago, I could not keep it going for various reason. At the onset of this new year, I attempted it again.  My purpose was to put God ahead of everything by taking care of His business first.

    Not sure if you will believe my story..........but with all respect, I do not need to convince you. But if you believe and have a prayer request, become a member, begin to pray for any request you see in our newly formed 'Group' area, create an event to have people join in prayer for you or, stand in faith and wait on God. Remember….It will be by your faith that moves God's spirit! During the waiting period, do everything God tells you to do...If God spoke through a donkey to get a job done, He can use any avenue to meet your request.

    Keep a prayerful mind.

    I love you.

    God's servant.